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Shaykh al-Fawzan Defends Imaams Ibn Baz and Ibn Uthaymin From the Accusation of Irjaa'

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SunnahTV (14:23 Monday, January 02, 2012) Reply
Was salaamu alaykum. We have added some share buttons, just below the video.

zahritah (12:55 Monday, January 02, 2012) Reply
as salaamu alaikum how do you share

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Added: 28 December 2011

Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan defends Imaams Ibn Baz and Ibn Uthaymin from the false slanders of the Takfiris who accuse them of being Murji'ah.

Category: Methodology
Tags: al-Fawzan ibn baz ibn uthaymin



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