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A Boy Asks A Complex Question About Breastfeeding and the Relationships That Result From It


Added on 08 April 2019

Ustādh Mūsá Richardson answers a question from a boy who enquires about a wet-nurse who may be maḥram to her child or not, the knowledge of this being relayed on her deathbed without full clarity. He wished to know what happens in such a complex situation. Another example of why it is unwise to tell boys and girls "don't ask about these things" when they are capable of comprehending the reality of situations. In broader society they are being taught or exposed to vulgar interpretations of intimacy and sexuality and incorrect understandings of rights and relationships.

From the course entitled: Fiqh Course: Marriage and Divorce (الملخص الفقهي), during the 1439 | 2018 Islamic Summer Courses

Source audio: https://www.troid.org/brief-benefits/2939-benefit-a-boy-asks-a-complex-question-about-breastfeeding-and-the-relationships-that-result-from-it