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Leader of the Muṣaʿfiqah Muḥammad Bin Hādī On Usāmah ʿAṭāyā: He Is Evil, Evil, He Is Dropped


Added by SunnahTV
20 January 2019

Muḥammad bin Hādī is the leader of the sect of the Muṣaʿfiqah who make tabdīʿ of Salafis without evidence, implement the corollaries of tabdīʿ (boycotting etc.) and then make walāʾ and baraʾ around such judgements. Refer to this resource page for more details.

In this audio Muḥammad bin Hādī makes a strong disparagement of the misguided fattān known as Usāmah ʿAṭāyā. This was before the fitnah of the Muṣaʿfiqah became prominent. Then after it, when Usāma ʿAṭāyā supported Muḥammad bin Hādī in his oppression and began attacking Salafis, then the prior disparagement was effectively forgotten or even annulled. This is evidence that walāʾ for Muḥammad bin Hādī is based around whoever agrees and supports him in his oppression.