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About Sunnah.TV

Welcome to Sunnah.TV!

What is Sunnah.TV? Its a platform based upon the popular video-sharing site Youtube. The ability to share video has opened up a great avenue for education and da'wah. However, as Youtube is open to the entire world it means that a great amount of content posted on it will be unsuitable for viewing.Further, many children have become accustomed to viewing videos of Qur'anic recitations. But when using Youtube they will be exposed to seeing and hearing many undesirable things. For these reasons we set up this platform in order to provide as safe an environment as possible for video viewing.

You are able to create an account, save favorites, and also create playlists. This means that you and your family can view content at ease. Sunnah.TV is best viewed in Firefox. We have implemented technical features that work optimally in Firefox, then Internet Explorer but may not function optimally in inferior browsers such as Safari.


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