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About Sunnah.TV


Sunnah.TV was launched over a decade ago in 2008 and ran for a few years until we were unable to maintain it. The original intent was to provide a better environment within which to consume video content, at a time when Youtube was just emerging as a popular platform. The ability to create, publish and share video content has opened up great avenues for education and da'wah. However, as Youtube is open to the entire world, and pretty much everyone has the means to publish and broadcast themselves, both non-Muslims, Muslims (including the various sects, parties and groups), then it means a lot of undesireable or detrimental content will be present that is harmful to beliefs and morals.

For this reason we set up this platform over a decade ago to provide as safe an environment as possible for video viewing. These are the features we have created in order to ensure as safe a video viewing experience as possible:

Forthcoming features: You will be able to create an account, save favorites, and also create playlists. This means that you and your family can view content at ease. If you have any comments, suggestions or advice, please contact us via @salafcom or @abuiyaadsp.