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Two Boys Ask About Stepmothers and Lineage and A Married Couple Who Enter Islām


Added on 08 April 2019

Ustādh Mūsá Richardson answers questions from two boys concerning the status of a stepmother in regards to lineage and the status of a (married) couple who embrace Islām, having been unchaste pre-Islām. This exchange exemplifies the need and benefit in entertaining such topics from boys and girls, should they show a desire (and maturity) to understand them. Sheltering children from topics of relationships whilst exposing them to the vulgarity of popular culture and lowly discourse in society (via school etc.) is harmful and counterproductive.

From the course entitled: Fiqh Course: Marriage and Divorce (الملخص الفقهي), during the 1439 | 2018 Islamic Summer Courses

Source Audio: https://www.troid.org/brief-benefits/2933-benefit-two-boys-ask-about-stepmothers-and-lineage-and-a-married-couple-who-enter-islam