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Wet-Dreams and Impurity Whilst Fasting


Added on 08 April 2019

2008 Islamic Summer Courses Ustādh Mūsá Richardson

MR23.6 A Woman Experiencing a Wet-Dream in Ramaḍān, Kissing One's Spouse (Intimately) whilst Fasting, The Disliked Nature of this for a Young Man, The ruling on Madhī (pre- ejaculatory fluid) for the Male/Female, Does being in Janābah (a state of impurity) prevent the Beginning of a Fast? The Expiation of a man who had Intercourse with His Wife in Ramaḍān, Masturbation during Ramadān? Intercourse with a Wife who is Fasting (for the non-fasting man)?

Audio: https://www.troid.org/authors/events-classes-courses-seminars/251-courses/1394-fiqh-course-a-guide-to-fasting